Uttar Pradesh NEET Counselling

By Rajesh Mishra

Uttar Pradesh state has 22 Government medical colleges, in which 2728 seats are government and 2265 seats are of state quota. U.P. has 24 private colleges in which 3300 private seats are there. U.P. is an open state in which even private seats of the private colleges can give admissions to the candidates belonging to all states. The seat matrix of private and government medical colleges is as follows:

Name of govt medical collegeEst. yearAIQ SEATTOTAL SEATS
BRD medical college, gorakhpur197215150
Dr. ram mahoharlohia institute of medical sciences, lucknow201722200
Government  Allopathic medical college, banda, UP2016 0
Government institute of medical sciences, kasna, greater noida201915100
Government medical college, badaun, UP201915100
Government Medical college, faizabad201915100
Government Medical college, firozabad201915100
Government Medical college, kannauj201215100
Government Medical college, Rampur, basti201915100
Government Medical college, shahjahanpur. UP201915100
Government Medical college & super facility hospital, azamgarh201315100
GSVM Medical college, Kanpur195528250
King George medical university, lucknow191137250
LLRM Medical college, meerut196615100
MahamayaRajkiya Allopathic Medical College, ambedkarnagar201115100
Maharani laxmibai college, jhansi196822150
  ManyavarKanshi Ram JiGovt Allopathic Medical College, Orai201300
Motilal Nehru medical college, allahabad196122200
Rajkiya allopathic medical college, bahraich, UP201915100
Shaikh-Ul-Hind MaulanaMahmoodHasan Medical College201515100
SN Medical college, agra193915128
UP institute of MS, Etawah, saifai200623200

M.B.B.S and B.D.S colleges and seats:

S.No.Names of collegesseats
1King George medical university, lucknow210
2GSVM Medical college, kanpur159
3MLN Medical college, prayagraj124
4SN Medical college, Agra124
5MLB Medical college, Jhansi82
6BRD Medical college, gorakhpur82
7LLRM Medical college, Meerut124
8UP Ayurvigyan university, sefai128
9Rajkiya allopathic Medical college, ambedkarnagar85
10Government Medical college, kannauj85
11Government Medical college, jalaun85
12Government Medical college, azamgarh85
13Government Medical college, saharanpur85
14Government Medical college, banda85
15Dr. ram mahoharlohia institute of medical sciences, lucknow127
16Government medical college, Badaun85
17Government Institute of Medical Sciences​, Greater noida85
18Autonomous State Medical College, Ayodhya85
19Autonomous State Medical College, Basti85
20Autonomous State Medical College, Bahraich85
21Autonomous State Medical College, shahjahanpur85
22Autonomous State Medical College, Firozabad85

Seat matrix of private medical colleges:

S. no.Name of the collegeseats
1Shrirammurtismarakinstitute of medical sciences, Bareilly100
2Muzaffarnagar Medical college, muzaffarnagar150
3Ruhelkhand Medical college, bareilly150
4Rama Medical college hospital and research centre, Kanpur100
5Saraswati institute of medical sciences, Hapur150
6Hind institute of medical sciences, barabanki100
7School of medical sciences, Sharda university, Greater Noida150
8Rajshri Medical college, bareilly150
9Rama medical college hospital and research centre, Hapur150
10Heritage institute of medical sciences, Varanasi150
11Hind institute of medical sciences, sitapur150
12TS Mishra medical college and hospital, lucknow150
13Career institute of medical sciences, lucknow150
14Era’s lucknow medical college and hospital, lucknow150
15Teethankarmahavir medical college and research centre, moradabad150
16KD medical college hospital and research centre, mathura150
17Subharti medical college, meerut100
18Mayo institute of medical sciences, barabanki150
19FH Medical college and hospital, firozabad150
20GS Medical college and hospital, Hapur150
21Intehral institute of medical sciences, lucknow100
22Prasad institute of medical sciences, lucknow150
23Saraswati medical college, unnao150
24Krishna mohan medical college, mathura150

These private colleges did not get permission in 2019:

S. no.Name of the college
1Varunarjun medical college, shahjahanpur
2MSY medical college and hospital, meerut
3Glocal medical college and super speciality hospital, saharanpur
4GCRG institute of medical sciences, lucknow
5ShriVenkateshwar institute of medical sciences, Amroha
Uttar Pradesh  Government MBBS Medical College  ListGeneralEWSOBCSCST
S.NO.Government Medical College NameAIRMarkAIRMarkAIRMarkAIRMarkAIRMark
1BRD Medical College Gorakhpur912259499455911036959083759450224285336
2Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences Luckknow37716625304612468461658981484178728355
3Government allopathic Medical College Banda UP
4Government Institute of Medical Sciences Kasna  Greater Noida8128598108565881056458980063455264451296
5Government Medical College Badaun UP130585801415557714839574110157419360985244
6Government Medical College Faizabad129535811336757913782578110975418368842240
7Government Medical College Firozabad131695801440557614220576108861421357500246
8Government Medical College Kannauj1253158213863577108618421349871249
9Government Medical College Rampur Basti144395761454657515141573112677416395875228
10Government Medical Collage Shahjahanpur UP140855771456757515004574111068418336113256
11Government Medical Collage & Super Facility Hospital Azamgarh
12GSVM Medical Collage Kanpur6332607626260762302479188826348
13King george Medical University , Lucknow1912637283962934051528170862362
14LLRM Medical College Meerut8065599899259573064464172573361
15Mahamaya Lxmi Bai Medical College Ambedkarnagar1208458413480579104225426283330285
16Maharani Laxmi Bai Medical College Jhansi103105901095358711655458587973448337801255
17Manyavar Kanshi Ram Ji Government Allopathic Medical College Orai Jalaun
18Moti Lal Nehru Medical College Allahabad66296058480597763660173500463214903329
19Rajkiya Allopathic Medical College Bahraich UP146215751473157515259573113688415362238243
20Shaikh – UL – Hind Maulana Mahamood Hasan Medical College Saharanpur1253158213863577108618421349871249
21S N Meical Collage Agra8510597982259177200458288393282
22UP University of MS ( Prev. UP Rural IMS&R ) Etawah Saifai10900587114595861179258585334448238512312

Private medical college fee structure:

S.No.NameTution feeHostel feeSecurity feeTotal
1Shrirammurtismarak institute of medical sciences, Bareilly11440001500003000001594000
2Muzaffarnagar Medical college, muzaffarnagar105900015000030000015090000
3RuhelkhandMedical college, Bareilly10810001500003000001531000
4Rama Medical college hospital and research centre, Kanpur11300001500003000001580000
5Saraswati institute of medical sciences, Hapur11050001500003000001555000
6Hind institute of medical sciences, barabanki11300001500003000001580000
7School of medical sciences, Sharda university, Greater Noida11500001500003000001600000
8Rama medical college hospital and research centre, hapur11300001500003000001580000
9Subharti medical college, meerut8500001500003000001300000
10Rajshri Medical college, Bareilly113000001500003000001580000
11Heritage institute of medical sciences, Varanasi10310001500003000001481000
12Hind institute of medical sciences, sitapur9880001500003000001438000
13TS Mishra medical college and hospital, lucknow11300001500003000001580000
14Prasad institute of medical sciences, lucknow8500001500003000001300000
15Mayo institute of medical sciences, barabanki10670001500003000001517000
16Krishna mohan medical college, mathura8500001500003000001300000
17Saraswati medical college, unnao10550001500003000001505000
18KD Medical college hospital and research centre, Mathura11470001500003000001597000
19GS Medical college, hapur11300001500003000001580000

Cutoff 2019:

Name of government medical collegeAIRMarkAIRMKsAIRMKsAIRMKsAIRMark
BRD medical college, Gorakhpur917259499455911036959083756450224285336
Dr. ram manoharlohia institute of medical sciences, lucknow33716225304612468461658981484178728355
Government institute of medical sciences, kasna, greater Noida8128598108565881056458980063455264451296
Government medical college, badaun, UP130585801415557714839574110157419360985244
Government medical college, faizabad129535811336757913782578110975418368842240
Government medical college, Firozabad131695801440557614220576108861421357500246
Government medical college, kannauj1253158213863577108618421349871249
Government medical college, Rampur, basti144395761454657515141573112677416395875228
Government medical college, shahjahanpur, UP140855771456757515004574111068418336113256
GSVM Medical college, Kanpur6332607626260762302479188826348
King George medical university, lucknow1912637283962934051528170862362
LLRM medical college, meerut8065599899259573064464172573361
Mahamayarajkiya allopathic medical college, ambedkarnagar1208458413480579104225426283330285
Maharani laxmibai medical college, Jhansi10310590109535871165458584973448337801255
Motilal Nehru medical college, Allahabad66296058480597763660173500463214903329
Rajkiya allopathic medical college, bahraich, UP146215751473157515259573113688415362238243
Shaikh-ul-hind maulanamahmoodhasan medical college, Saharanpur1253158213863577108618421349871249
S N medical college, agra8510597982259177200458288393282
UP university of MS ( prev. UP rural IMS&R) EtawahSaifai10900587114595861179258585334448238512312

Private college cutoff 2019:

Name of the private medical collegeAIRMarks
Career instt. Of medical sciences & hospital, lucknow402360226
Era lucknow medical college, lucknow303467273
F.H. medical college & hospital, etamdapur, agra514944184
G.S. Medical College & Hospital, hapur, UP551217172
Heritage Institute of medical sciences, Varanasi256153301
Hind institute of medical sciences, barabanki235114315
Hind institute of medical sciences, sitapur418119219
Integral institute of medical sciences & research, lucknow418236219
K.D. Medical College hospital & research centre, Mathura420305218
Krishna mohan medical college & hospital, mathura494897190
Mayo institute of medical sciences, barabanki537394176
Muzaffarnagar medical college, muzaffarnagar229994318
Prasad institute of medical sciences, lucknow513024184
Rajshree medical research institute, Bareilly415415220
Rama medical college & hospital, Kanpur294214279
Rama medical college hospital & research centre, hapur380487235
Rohilkhand medical college & hospital, Bareilly245208308
Saraswati institute of medical sciences, hapur276623289
Saraswati medical college, unnao, UP603938157
School of medical sciences & research, greater Noida202101338
Shri ram murtismarak institute of medical sciences, Bareilly93453438
Subharti medical college, meerut218870326
Teerthankermahaveer medical college, Moradabad363347238
T S misra medical college & hospital, amusi, lucknow506650186

How to take admission for the state quota:

After the results of NEET 2020, Directorate of medical education and training will issue prospectus and schedule for MBBS and BDS admissions. Their website is https://upneet.gov.in/ and you have to fill an online application on that. They give admission after first round counselling, second round counselling and mop up round.

Recommended sequence of govt. colleges to be filled:

Name of Government Medical CollegeS. No.
King George medical university, lucknow1
Dr. ram manoharlohia institute of medical sciences, lucknow2
Motilal Nehru medical college, Allahabad3
LLRM medical college, meerut4
S N medical college, agra5
BRD medical college, Gorakhpur6
Government institute of medical sciences, kasna, greater Noida7
Maharani laxmibai medical college, Jhansi8
UP university of MS, (prev. UP rural IMS&R) EtawahSaifai9
Mahamayarajkiya Allopathic Medical college, ambedkarnagar10
Government medical college, kannauj11
Sheikh-ul-hind maulanamahmoodhasan medical college, Saharanpur12
Government medical college, faizabad13
Government medical college, badaun, UP14
Government medical college , Firozabad15
Government medical college, shahjahanpur, UP16
Government medical college, Rampur, basti17
Rajkiya allopathic medical college, bahraich, UP18

Recommended sequence of private colleges to be filled:

Name of the Private Medical CollegeSrl No.
Shri Ram MurtiSmarak Institute of Medical Sciences, Bareilly1
School of Medical Sciences &Research,Greater Noida2
Subharti Medical College, Meerut3
Muzaffarnagar Medical College, Muzarffarnagar4
Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Barabanki5
Rohilkhand Medical College &Hospital,Bareilly6
Heritage Institute of Medical Sciences, Varanasi7
Saraswati Institute of Medical Sciences, Hapur8
Rama Medical College and Hospital, Kanpur9
Era Lucknow Medical College, Lucknow10
TeerthankerMahaveer Medical College, Moradabad11
Rama Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Hapur12
Career Instt. Of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Lucknow13
Rajshree Medical Research Institute, Bareilly14
Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Sitapur15
Integral Instituteof Medical Sciences & Research, Lucknow16
K.D. Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Mathura17
Krishna Mohan Medical College & Hospital, Mathura18
T S Misra Medical College & Hospital, Amusi, Lucknow19
Prasad Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow20
F.H. Medical College & Hospital, Etamdapur, Agra21
Mayo Institute of Medical Sciences, Barabanki22
G.S. Medical College & Hospital, Hapur, UP23
Saraswati Medical College, Unnao, UP24

Required documents for verification:

  • NEET Admit card 2020
  • NEET rank card 2020
  • Class X marksheet
  • Class XII marksheet
  • A valid phpto ID Proof (Aadhar card/passport/driving license/pan card)
  • Domicile certificate of Uttar Pradesh
  • Caste certificate
  • Online registration slip
  • Receipt depicting the successful deposition of security money

Required documents during admission:

  • NEET Admit card 2020
  • NEET rank card 2020
  • Class X marksheet& passing certificate
  • Class XII marksheet& passing certificate
  • Domicile certificate of Uttar Pradesh
  • Caste certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Migration certificate
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Printout of registration form
  • Allotment letter

List of open state i.e. states in which any general category candidates can take admission:

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Bihar
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Madhya Pradesh (semi open state)
  • Karnataka
  • Kerala
  • Pondicherry
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Telangana
  • Tripura
  • Uttarakhand
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • West Bengal

Website For Counseling

Andaman nicobar island Andaman nicobar islandswww.aniims.org
Andhra Pradeshwww.ntruhs.ap.nic.in/
Arunachal Pradeshwww.apdhte.nic.in/
Dadra and nagar haveliwww.dnh.nic.in
Himachal Pradeshhttps://admissions.hpushimla.in/
Jammy & Kashmirhttps://jkbopee.gov.in
Madhya Pradeshhttps://dme.mponline.gov.in/
Maharashtrahttps://cetcell.net/ugneet2019/?r www.mahacet.org
Tamil naduhttps://tnmedicalselection.net
West Bengalhttps://wbmcc.nic.inhttps://upneet.gov.in/
Uttar Pradeshhttps://upneet.gov.in/