Karnataka Open State NEET Counselling

By Rajesh Mishra

In Karnataka there are 33 Private Medical Colleges having 4845 seats in total. There are 1184 government seats. So there are 3661 Private seats in the colleges. In these Private Medical Colleges 15% seats are reserved for other state candidates and the reservation is known as Open Quota. In the Private Medical College there are two types of Quotas namely;

  1. Private Quota (P)
  2. Other Quota (Q)

In Private Medical College there are 2045 seats under Private Quota and the other state candidates under Open category can apply to the 595 seats. For the candidates of Other State there is no category reservation (SC, ST, OBC). All the categories of the Other State are treated under Open category. All these seats are allotted as per the merit.  

Private Quota (P) of College wise seat Matrix is provided below in the table:

Dr. AMC Bangalore20000000000200000000040
KIMS Bangalore30000000000300000000060
MSRMC Bangalore30000000000300000000060
KBNIMS, Gulbarga9200000040090000000060
MVJMC, Channasandra, Bangalore140550000000140000000083
VIMSRC, Bangalore2300091000002400000000138
AJIMS, mangalore140000000055140000000083
SJMC, Bangalore1000000000010102010101010600150
SBMC, Chitradurga20000000000200000000040
JSSMC, Mysore00000000000000000000
AIMS, Bellur34000000000330000000067
JNMC, Belgaum00000000000000000000
AAMC, Vijaypur140000005500140000000083
SNMC, Bagalkot30000000000300000000060
SDMCMSH, Dharwad22000000000230000000045
MRMC, Kalaburgi153600000000900000000060
NMC, Raichur133000550000120000000083
FMIMER, Mangalore1400550000001400000000 83
KMC, Mangalore00000000000000000000
YMC, Mangalore00000000000000000000
KSHMA, Mangalore00000000000000000000
KVGMC, Dakshina Kannnada20000000000200000000040
JJMMC, Devangere District49000000000490000000098
SSIMS, Devangere300000000000300000000060
SGIMS, Bangalore300000000000300000000060
SIMRC, Mangalore140000000054140000000082
TSMC, Shimoga140005400000140000000082
BGSGIMS, Bangalore300000000000300000000060
SIMSRIH, Tumkur30000000000300000000060
OMC, Bangalore140005500000140000000083
AKISMRC, bangalore140005400000140000000082
KAMC, Mangalore1400000055001400000000083
EPMC, Bangalore30000000000300000000060

Private Quota (P) College wise Fee structure for 2019

S. No.Deemed UniversityTuition Fee + UNI + Skill Lab FeesMisc FeesHostel FeesMessTPTTotal
 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Bangalore8, 17, 51515, 0001, 25, 00036, 00024, 00010, 17, 515
 Kempegowda MC, Bangalore8, 22, 51515, 00065, 00036, 00015, 0009, 53, 515
 M.S. Ramaiah MC, Bangalore8, 27, 51515, 00088, 00036, 000——-9, 66, 515
 MVJ MC, Bangalore8, 27, 51515, 0001, 67, 200With mess36, 00010, 45, 715
 Vydehi MC, Bangalore8, 27, 51515, 0001, 50, 000With mess25, 00010, 17, 515
 AJ MC, Bangalore8, 27, 51515, 0001, 92, 00079, 00036, 00011, 49, 515
 Shri Bhaweshwara, Chitardurga8, 27, 51515, 00060, 00060, 00020, 0009, 82, 515
 AI AMEN, Bijapur7, 97, 51515, 00048, 00038, 00015, 0009, 13, 515
 S. Nijaligappa, Bagalkot8, 27, 51514, 65070, 000——–10009, 13, 165
 Navodya MC, Raichur7, 97, 515——–———–———–——–——–
 Father Mullar, Mangalore8, 17, 51515, 00057, 00036, 00050, 0009, 75, 515
 K. Venkataramana, Mangalore8, 22, 51515, 00069, 00081, 00030, 50010, 18, 015
 Jaya Jagadguru, Davangiri8, 27, 51515, 00080, 00045, 000——–9, 67, 515
 SSMC Davangiri8, 27, 51515, 00037, 40036, 500———9, 16, 415
 Sapatgiri MC, Bangalore8, 27, 51515, 00075, 00033, 60035, 0009, 86, 115
 Sriniwasa MC, Mangalore8, 07, 515100001, 20, 00030, 000100009, 77, 515
 BGS MC, Bangalore8, 27, 51515, 00065, 00060, 00030, 0009, 97, 515
 Sri Devi MC, Tumkur8, 27, 51515, 0001, 10, 000——-——–9, 52, 515
 The Oxford MC, Hubli8, 27, 515———72, 00072, 00042, 00010, 13, 515
 Akash, Bangalore7, 97, 515——-—————————-———-
 East Point8, 27, 515——-—————————-———-
 Mahadevapp, Gulbarga8, 27, 51515, 00045, 00033, 00012, 0009, 32, 515
 Subbaiah, Shimoga8, 27, 51515, 0001, 25, 00060, 00060, 00010, 92, 515
 Kanchur MC, Mangalore8, 27, 51515, 00025, 00097, 650100009, 75, 165

The above mentioned fee is the yearly fee and all the medical colleges charge 4.5 years’ fee. The Tuition fee of St. Johan MC Bangalore is Rs. 6 Lacs/year, but there are three Medical Colleges which have a very high fee therefore the cut off of these colleges is low. These colleges are:

  1. Khaja Bande Gulbarga : Tuition Fee is Rs. 16, 44, 965
  2. SDM Dharwad: Tuition Fee is Rs. 16, 50, 945
  3. Adhichunchunagiri Tuition Fee is Rs. 17, 15, 000

The past Tuition Fee pattern for Other State Candidate in Karnataka is mentioned below:

            Year                                        Tuition Fees

            2019                                      7, 97, 515

            2018                                      6, 83, 100

            2017                                      6, 33, 000

            2016                                      5, 75, 000

Here the increase in fees is 10% yearly but in the year 2019 the increase in the fees is 15%. For 2020 the Karnataka State Education Minister has announced that there is no hike in the fees in the 2020.

                                                            Cut Off

In Karnataka year wise cut off for Private Quota of other state candidates is provided below:

2019              538 Marks

2018              505 Marks

2017              511 Marks

2016              482 Marks

Private Quota (P) College wise cut off 2019

Name of Private Medical CollegesFirst Round MarksSecond Round Marks                   Mop Up Round
  NEET AIR         NEET Marks
Akash Institute of Medical Sc.,Devanahalli56856218210565
St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore606594
Kanachur IMS Mangalore56055124809548
East Point Medical College, Bangalore56556117557566
Sapthagirigiri Medical College, Bangalore57556814089577
Srinivas institute of medical sciences Srinivasnagar56455620095560
BGS Global Medical College, Bangalore57056517041561
Sri devi medical college Tumkur56155225113547
The Oxford Medical College, Bangalore56355720387559
Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, Gulbaraga57156917109568
Navodaya Medical College, Raichuru55955226941543
Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore57556524018550
KVG Medical College, Mangalore55955029074538
JJMC Medical College, Davangere56455621454556
SSIMC Medical College, Davangere56055223924550
Subbaiah Medical College, Shimoga56955815704572
S. Nijalingappa Medical College and Research Centre, Bagalkot56055424578548
Sri Basaveshwara Medical College and Hospital, Chitradurga55955127216542
Dr.Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore57556420419559
Kempegowda Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore57956919868560
M.S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore58557514685575
MVJ Medical College, Bangalore57156315870571
Vydehi Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore57756614040577
AJ Institute of Medical Science, Mangalore56956123367551
Al ameen Medical College Bijapur56255718692563

Cut off for the Medical Colleges which have highest Fees

Name of the Private Medical CollegeFirst Round MarksSecond Round MarksMop Up Round
                          NEET AIR     NEET Marks
Khaja Banda Medical College, Gulbarga529500179343355
SDM Medical College Dharwad518481142022387
Adichunchangiri Medical college Adichunchangiri503452170373363

If you want to take admission in Private Medical Colleges in 2020 fill the preference choices in the below mentioned sequence:

Srl . NoName of the Private Medical College
1St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore
2M.S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore
3Kempegowda Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore
4Vydehi Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore
5Dr.Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore
6Sapthagirigiri Medical College, Bangalore
7Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore
8MVJ Medical College, Bangalore
9BGS Global Medical College, Bangalore
10Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, Gulbaraga
11AJ Institute of Medical Science, Mangalore
12Subbaiah Medical College, Shimoga
13Srinivas institute of medical sciences Srinivasnagar
14JJMC Medical College, Davangere
15SSIMC Medical College, Davangere
16Akash Institute of Medical Sc.,Devanahalli
17East Point Medical College, Bangalore
18The Oxford Medical College, Bangalore
19Al ameen Medical College Bijapur
20Sri devi medical college Tumkur
21Kanachur IMS Mangalore
22S. Nijalingappa Medical College and Research Centre, Bagalkot
23Navodaya Medical College, Raichuru
24Sri Basaveshwara Medical College and Hospital, Chitradurga
25KVG Medical College, Mangalore
  1. Akash Institute of Medical Sciences, Devanhalli
  2. East Point Medical College, Bangalore
  3. Sri Devi Medical College, Tumkur

All these three are New Medical Colleges. But as they are in Bangalore and Tumkur students fill these colleges as their preferred choices.

How to take admission

After the announcement of NEET Result 2020 Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) releases the prospectus wherein the candidates have to fill online Application form for counselling in MBBS/BDS Courses. The Application form registration fee is Rs. 1000/- for open quota. The official website is www.kea.kar.nic.in where the candidates can log in and submit the online application form. After the completion of Registration Process a list of Registered candidates is issued by the authority. After this a schedule is provided for the documents verification. The verification centre could be Bangalore or any other centre. After the Document verification Process an Application Number and Password is allotted to the candidates, which they can use in choice filling. After this a list of verified students is issued.

First Round:

By KEA the first round counselling is done Online. If you have been allotted seat in the first round of counselling then you have to pay one year fees online via NEFT/RTGS mode. After this you can select the same seat for upgradation in the second round by filling the choice. If you have been selected for the second round then there is no need to pay the fee again and the money that you have paid in the first round is adjusted. If you have been allotted a seat in the first round of counselling and you would not been able to deposit the fee then you are eligible for the second round but the seat that was allotted to you earlier was no longer allotted to you in the second round. You can Fill choice below that seat.

Second Round:

In 2018 candidates who have not done their registration in First Round, the registration was reopened, but this could not happen in 2019. Registration was not re opened in 2019. In this you have to do the Choice Fill again, If you failed to do so then the Choice Fill in the First Round is taken into consideration. Allotment of seat in the second round is also in online mode. If you have been allotted seat in the second round of counselling then you have to pay one year fees online via NEFT/RTGS mode and submit your original document at KEA Office, Bangalore. You will get the allotment letter and receipt of Original Documents. All these you have to submit to the allotted college.

Mop Up Round:

The candidates who have not allotted seat in the First and Second Round of counselling are eligible for the Mop up round. The candidates who were allotted seats in the First and Second Round are not eligible for this round of counselling. The candidates who have not done their registration can register themselves in this round of counselling. The candidates who have already done their registration need not have to register again. Mop Up Round is offline i.e. Physical. Candidates have to be physically present. Admission on vacant seat would be given on the basis of the merit list.

Stray Vacancy Round:

If the seats remained vacant even after Mop Up Round then the concerned Medical College will fill their seats. KEA issue the list 10 times. This list contains the name of the candidates who have not got any seat in any of the rounds. According to the list vacant seats are filled as per the merit list.

Other Quota (Q) Management Quota. Other state candidates can take admission and the fees is 25 Lacs/year. The seat Matrix is given below:

Srl . NoName of the Private Medical CollegeMgt Seat
1M.S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore8
2Kempegowda Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore8
3Vydehi Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore13
4Dr.Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore5
5Sapthagirigiri Medical College, Bangalore7
6Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore8
7MVJ Medical College, Bangalore8
8BGS Global Medical College, Bangalore8
9Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, Gulbaraga7
10AJ Institute of Medical Science, Mangalore8
11Subbaiah Medical College, Shimoga8
12Srinivas institute of medical sciences Srinivasnagar7
13JJMC Medical College, Davangere12
14SSIMC Medical College, Davangere7
15Akash Institute of Medical Sc.,Devanahalli8
16East Point Medical College, Bangalore8
17The Oxford Medical College, Bangalore8
18Al ameen Medical College Bijapur8
19Sri devi medical college Tumkur7
20Kanachur IMS Mangalore7
21S. Nijalingappa Medical College and Research Centre, Bagalkot7
22Navodaya Medical College, Raichuru8
23Sri Basaveshwara Medical College and Hospital, Chitradurga5
24KVG Medical College, Mangalore5

Documents Required for Verification:

1) SSLC/10th standard mark Sheet

2) 2nd PUC/12th standard mark Sheet

3) Final print out of online application form

4) Original copy of challan for having paid the registration fees

5) NEET 2020 admission ticket

6) Study certificate issued by school

7) NEET 2020 rank letter

8) Two recent passport size photographs